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Baga Beach Holidays

Over the years, Goa has attracted large numbers of visitors, from  Portugese settlers in the 10th Century, to the hippies, backpackers and gap year students of later years who include it in their travel plans and end up staying for months before reluctantly leaving for the next destination.  More recently, and helped by the introduction of regular cheap flights, Goa has enjoyed a surge of popularity among a wide range of age groups making it an ideal holiday destination for young and old alike.

Goa benefits from fantastic weather, excellent beaches, a rich history and a low cost of living.  There is always something to do or somewhere to visit.  If you are looking for sunshine, the  beaches stretch for miles, offer plenty of water sports activities and are the perfect setting for lazing around and enjoying the sunset.  If you are shopping for souvenirs, there are fantastic  bargains on high quality craftsmanship such as jewelry, woodcarving and tailoring. 

For the holidaymaker with exploration and culture in mind, there are a wealth of natural and historic sites to visit, from amazing waterfalls and spice plantations to Colonial forts, Hindu temples and Catholic churches.  Dining, particularly fresh seafood, is excellent value and if you still have the energy, the nightlife can be as lively or as laid back as you want it to be.  To top it off, English is spoken everywhere, making Goa the perfect holiday  destination to escape from the UK winter without the need for linguistic skills or holiday phrasebooks.