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Baga Beach Holidays

Anjuna is a small village just along the coast to the North of Baga Beach which swells to several times it usual size every Wednesday when the weekly market draws traders and tourists from all over the surrounding area.  If you are looking for souvenirs of any kind, this is the place to visit.  Bring your cash and you are guaranteed to find bargains galore, with fantastic deals to be had on jewelry, woodcarving, semi precious stonework, craftwork & clothes.  Haggling is almost mandatory and it is usually possible to negotiate at least 40% off of the initial price, though many of the Tibetan jewelry stallholders tend to sell by weight and are not quite as receptive to hard bargaining. 

Whatever you buy, and whatever you pay, it’s worth remembering that a Pound saved is worth a lot more to the locals than it is to us, so if you are determined to strike a deal don't take it too seriously.  

For those of us not naturally inclined to shop, this is the place to do it all in one go, and in keeping with everywhere else you visit in Goa, there are numerous restaurants and stalls offering excellent fresh seafood at bargain prices to make the journey worthwhile.   

From Baga, the easy option is by taxi, which takes about 20 minutes.  For the more adventurous, it can also be reached on foot by following the coast  path around and over the rocky headland, a distance of about 2 miles.  The walk can be demanding on hotter days and is best avoided in the afternoon, and especially later when the light is fading.  A sensible option is to walk there in the morning and enjoy the scenery well before it gets hot, then take  a leisurely return by boat (Typically 100 Rupees per person) later in the day before watching the sun go down with a pint of Kingfisher.