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Baga Beach Holidays

Baga Beach starts at Arpora village in the North and stretches South to Calangute where the wide golden sands continue unbroken for about 9 miles.  The beach is dotted with bars and restaurants, most offering free  sun beds during the day and providing a wide range of entertainment options in the evening.  The bar owners appear to have a good rota system in place, whereby there will be a firework display at one bar while another will be having a barbeque night and so on. 

Expect to be entertained by fire-eaters, jugglers and traditional dancing whilst enjoying good food and drink at excellent prices all along the beach.  Typical music themes will range from sitar and Bangra to chilled dance and Goa Trance.  The authorities have recently imposed a night time ban on heavily amplified music on the beach, which has had the effect of reducing the number of all night beach parties that were once held regularly along the coast*.  Whether this is a good thing or not probably depends on your taste in music and your ability to dance all night.  What it has done though, is to help boost quality tourism and improve the image of Goa as a safe destination for families and couples.

Despite the facilities and the popularity of North Goa, the beaches are very wide and remain largely uncluttered.  There are historic forts in both directions along the coast making this an ideal place to relax and see the sights in equal measure.  These shots were taken in January 07.

*For those intent on seeking out the beach parties, they’re still here, just a little harder to find!

Baga Beach