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Tourist Essentials

India is a sub-tropical country, and though not considered to be a risky area, it is recommended that travelers are inoculated against Hepatitis A, Malaria, Meningitis, Polio, Tetanus and Typhoid, though this should always be verified with your GP.† We would personally advise anyone having their injections to book a booster course six months later which will provide for up to 10 years of protection and save the hassle of further injections next year & so on.† Medication is considerably cheaper in India than the UK, so anyone needing to stock up on non-prescription medicine (Malaria tablets, for example) should find it worth waiting till arrival in India.† The same applies to eye tests and designer glasses and sunglasses which are also considerably cheaper than they are in the UK.††


Tourist Visas are required and are available in person or by post from the Indian High Commission in the Strand, London, WC2.† If you go to collect your visas in person, it is advisable to turn up early, get a ticket, check the estimated time for your ticket number, then go and get a coffee and maybe something to eat before returning to present your paperwork and payment later.


The currency in India is the Rupee, for which you will receive about R80 to the £1.† Rupees are not normally available outside of India, so tourists should bring a small amount of Sterling, Dollars or Euros to change on arrival.† The airport Bureau De Change does not offer the best exchange rate, so only change enough to get your taxi and refreshments then wait to get a better rate elsewhere.† £20 will be more than sufficient.† Itís a similar story in the airport departure lounge where food & drink prices are much higher than they should be, so it is well worth the effort to stock up on refreshments on the way to the airport rather than inside it.†


We have a good working relationship with a local taxi driver who is resident at the Little Baga resort and can arrange for you to be met at the airport on arrival if required.†††††††††††††